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Guys, I have a huge announcement to make! My friends and I are launching a new magazine. I think all of you will enjoy it. Here is the information. Click the picture below to go to the site!

COILHOUSE is new magazine that covers dark/alternative culture.

COILHOUSE covers art, fashion, literature, film and technology as it relates to underground scenes.

COILHOUSE welcomes submissions.

Our aim is to inform, inspire, infect. The project is a joint effort between myself, artist Zoetica Ebb and musician Meredith Yayanos. We will also have guest writers, and we welcome comments and submissions! We're don't yet have a release date for Issue 1, but it will be soon, and you will know about it. To tide you over in the meantime, blog posts will be a-plenty!

In case you're wondering if this project will replace my photography, fear not: I love photography and will continue to take pictures. I view COILHOUSE as a journalistic multimedia extension of what's always been my primary photographic aim: an exploration of what I find beautiful about alt culture, and an insight into the tranformative power that creativity can have over an individual.  I hope that you have enjoyed these themes in my own work, and that you will now find them in this new project as well.

Please visit COILHOUSE and get involved! If you like it, SPREAD THE WORD! Feel free to re-post the flyer above, or the one found in Zoetica's journal.

COILHOUSE can also be found on the following places on the web:

COILHOUSE Flickr Stream - sometimes contains "bonus images" relating to various posts
COILHOUSE LiveJournal RSS Feed (thanks, Kristin!)
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Many of you have seen the picture above because it's made its rounds on the journals of my friends, but I thought I'd post it too because I realy like it.

The model is lumivalkoinen
The designer is _yungfuktoi_
The hair is Holly Jones
The makeup is Nelly Recchia
The photographer is me, Nadya Lev

How lucky I am to collaborate with everyone above. It was one of those rare shoots when everybody was on exactly the same page with what kind of mood we wanted to create... it's inspired by Blade Runner and aristocracy. Lumi's friend auraphage even came up with an awesome title for it: "Replicant Model Type: Tiger Lily".

And because I am in an extra-chatty mood this afternnoon, I am going to ask my LJ friends some questions! I have 700+ friends here on LJ now and I'd like to see who's out there.

1. Who here is a fan of Haujobb and other Daniel Myer projects such as Cleen? When I was younger all his music sounded boring to me compared to Nitzer Ebb/242/VNV/late-90s ooontz ooontz, but now I find a lot of subtlety in his music that makes me feel things that no other industrial music makes me feel. Does anyone else know what I am talking about? This feelings seem to be enhanced by knowing William Gibson's books - anyone else feel that connection?

2. Has anyone here ever produced an old-skool 'zine using rubber cement, scissors and a Xerox machine? Who remembers Factsheet Five, Rollerderby, Ben is Dead?  Who mourned the demise of Sassy?

3. What blogs do you read? I only started reading blogs in the past year.  Here are the blogs I follow every day:  BoingBoingValleywagBrass Goggles, Warren Ellis. Sometimes I check in with Crooks and Liars and Paleo-Future. What's on your reading list?  
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Milady De Winter
Model, makeup, hair: Mildred Von
Gloves, neckpiece: Mother of London/Yungfuktoi (Mildred's fashion company)
Photo: Nadya Lev

For the longest time when I came to LA, I could not get my photo on. I had to start from scratch - rent a new studio, buy all new equipment, get all set up. When I finally got into the studio, I discovered to my horror that I had basically forgotten how to take pictures, because I was so out of practice. It was devastating. But Mildred patiently stood by while I got up to speed, and helped me with test shoots with no expectations of end results and encouraged me when I was ready to drop the whole thing. That really meant a lot to me. And, slowly but surely, I felt like I knew what I was doing again. Here is the fruit of our labor. Here's to many more great collaborations together!

There is another shot from this series on Mildred's LJ. Or there will be, when she gets around to posting it! :P
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Model: Mariecke tanthe
Makeup: Deigh Roxxx

I still don't believe I've moved to California. Any day now, I think that I'll get back on the plane and find myself in my old apartment. But the apartment is gone. I miss ashabeta. :(
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I am so glad to finally get this one on the cover - everyone on the team that brought this image to fruition truly deserves it!
This is my 6th magazine cover to date, but I'm not resting on my laurels - I hope to produce more interesting and complex work in the years to come.

Model: Elva
Makeup Artist: Ande Yung
Hairpiece: Peacock Blue Design Studio
Additional Hairstylng: Bill Schrlau
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Here is an old self-portrait I did a year ago for school. Show on B&W film with a  tripod.

By the way, thanks for everyone's advice with the taxes. I am filing an extension. Evelyn, thenk you so much to you especially. I will email you ASAP.
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Model & Makeup: Scar
Clothing: Atsuko Kudo
Hair: Bill Schrlau

Scar is super-stunning. Talented, sultry, creative and energetic, I thought she was the perfect model for this decadent suit by Atsuko Kudo. She seemed to channel the spirit of Marlene Dietrich during this early-morning shoot to great result!
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The London photos from September are DONE! Finally. I worked on these night and day, and something always kept me from posting them - I always felt like I had to choose one more picture, perfect one more detail, before I pulled it all together and put it up online. Sometimes you have to say, "I've done the best that I can - it's time to move on" and tonight I say that - the night I turn 23 (2 + 3 = 5).

Click on the picture below to see the London Gallery.

The amazing models, from left to right on the site (not in the picture above! on the site), are: Mildred, Aconite, Atropa, DJ Darlin' Grave, Mildred, Industrial Bitch, Amalthea & Ulorin, Silver AJ, Amaranth, Morgana, Atropa, Rae, Morrigan Hel, Ulorin, and Lily. Clothing by: Atsuko Kudo, Yungfuktoi, Bondinage, Girlarmour and L'Escarpolette. Thank you all.

Big THANK YOU to photographers Bex and Lily for opening their studios to me. Thanks to Russell for the phone - in the mail this week! Special thanks to Samantha for lodging, leopard-print umbrella and reindeer-flavored cheese.
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The night before this absinthe-themed shoot with Rachel Huntington, I conducted some diligent, pain-staking research by consuming different types of absinthe while watching Sin City. Before my research partners and I passed out, I could swear I saw a green sylph wandering through the footage on screen. I didn't see her again until yesterday, when I found her in just one of the many pictures I took of Rae that day. She was hiding in the absinthe bottle.

Click here for a close-up of the green fairy!Collapse )
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